My AMA From Yogstation~

Recently I was apart of an admin AMA on the Yogstation Space Station 13 Discord, and to make sure that the answers never go away and are in a more neat format, I decided to place them all here!

Baiomu asks – Why do you play Final Fantasy 14 despite it having too much dialogue?
I absolutely love story games to bits, I always preferred Visual Novels to actual Anime so all the reading in FFXIV was right up my alley. Alongside that the customisation, gameplay and environment just all sucked me in~

Baiomu asks – Also origin of IC name
So ill start with the Hisa part, which comes from Hisakaki. Hisakaki is something I stole from a niche Visual Novel called Hoshizora No Memoria, also known as Memories Of A Starry Sky in english. The visual novel is about someone who made a promise to a childhood sweetheart long ago, returned to their original town for their memories to be taken away by a “Shinigami” called Mare S. Ephemeral. I played that VN back when I started out being a weeb and it just stuck with me, BUT MY GOD ONE ROUTE NEEDS TO BE PURGED FROM THE EARTH. So yea thats the Hisa part~ Hoshimo uhh, well thats just made up from Hoshi which means star then i added a mo to make Hoshimo!

Pyronie asks – why are you the chillest admin?
Uhh, am I the chillest admin? I think all the admins are chill and great, specially when you get to know them! But thank you for saying I am~

Lewd Elf asks – What does hisakaki mean in weeb?
Hisakaki is a type of flower IIRC! Hisa however means long living, and Hoshi means star.

Cowbot asks – Whats your favorite food? What is your favorite song from FFXIV?
Okay so my favourite food is a toughie depending on how I feel, I absolutely love pasta and is probably one of my favourite things to have with food, that or rice. But then I think about it I absolutely adore chips! Talking about the main protien part however I absolutely love Fishyy~ Now off of single foods and onto an actual meal, Shawarma I absolutely crave~ Like before covid there was a place called Royal Shawarma and omg it was so nice and the only place in my town which made shawarma, but then they closed!!! Well after a long 2 years shawarmaless, The shawarma gods blessed me just a few months ago with 2 new shawarma joints, one being a restaurant and the other being a takeaway. Alongside that, I absolutely love a Gyros/Yeeros, the chippy beside me makes such a tasty one which i adore, and gluten free so no pain atleast~ They luckily came out during the great shawarma shortage on 2019, so they replaced shawarma as my #1. Finally theres sushi but thats a no brainer~

The one that makes me cry alot and I use in my pod bus, Dynamis. (Dont google it if you aint played it people its the biggest fucking spoiler going)

Gaminada asks – favorite nostalgic game?
Okay so I have huge fond memories of the OG Lego Island, from my recollection it was the first ever game that I played and I loved it to bits! However I was absolutely petrified of pipers route because if you fed the brickster then the endgame occured and he would remove everything from you and i sucked too much to beat him T-T Other than that my other 2 fondest memories of games will be Rayman 2 which is probably the only fond memory that I have of my sperm donor of what I call a father, and the OG Ratchet and Clank series that I absolutely love to this day! I however was again absolutely shite when it came to the sewers in the OG R&C cause I sucked at the rising water part…

Gawdzira asks – Favorite song?
Okay so ill keep off of the FFXIV for this one or ill sound like a broken record. With that being said I can only go to 3 places, Vocaloid, Gorillaz or Tenacious D. I absolutely suck with music so its the best I can do~ Considering theres alot to Vocaloid ill cut it down to my favourite song series or ill talk for hours, however my favourite songs would be from the Song Of Evil series, especially Servant of Evil! It just clicked with me and i played it to death on Project Mirai. I do however have plenty of other favourites depending on singer, like I adoooree Cat Food but ill move on. From Gorillaz itll either by Dare, an absolute classic featuring Shawn Ryder who is an absolute legend the one who caused the watershedding on british television thanks to their language, and an old fave of mine 19-2000. Now when it comes to Tenacious D, I may not be able to tell you the greatest song in the world, oh no, but this is a Tribute.

Gaminada asks – What languange you’d like to learn
Jag älskar Svenska!

Pyronie and Thegoldencat asks – why do you use tildes?~
I use it as a sign of positivity~ Usually I use it when I am more positive, when I am more neutral then I use nothing, and when I begin to use punctuation, then you should be more cautious.

AshCorr asks – Where is your avatar banner from?
Oh the banner is something I did in FFXIV using GPose! Me and my partner in Chusic have a band ingame called Mosh Chu, and we use that as the main banner! The ful group songs we can play are found here- , however we have alot of solo and duets too~

Baiomu asks – Where does your name come from inside of Hoshizora No Memoria?
Oh right uh Komomo Hisakaki

Lei-Ru asks – How much do people pay you to get unbanned? Asking for a friend
Okay so now you can link paypal its so much easier! My rates are £1 per day banned or £50 for a perma. Job roles its 50p per job per day with a perma being £20. However if you play FFXIV ill usually waive most costs
(Please don’t try to send me money to get unbanned)

Lei-Ru asks – what about costs for note removals and/or community bans?
£5 per note removal, £10 to show hidden notes, and I aint going near community bans with the popes blessing on my side *puke

Sabiti asks – Are there actual hidden notes?
I don’t see £10 in my paypal

Sabiti asks – Can I pay ya instead to give every medical lizard a tumor?
Sadly I like Lizbay Metagang so I can’t do that, I would trust a Liz CMO any day over a human CMO

Molti asks – What data center and server are you on?
All details are here!

OrcaCora asks – Why are you my only trustful friend
Well I really hope not! You’re a really nice person and it hurts to hear that if it really is the case. I just want everyone to be happy and I couldn’t hate anyone so if I really am your only trustful friend I really hope you are good and know that you can always talk to me, my DMs are always open! But I am sure you have plenty of friends~

Molti asks – Out of all races, why TWO catgirls?
Miqo’te are my favourite race hands down, I connect with them more than any other race so it is what I will always be, they also have the best glams and look the best~ Moonkeeper Miqo’s are my fave however

LewdElf asks – What’s your theme song?
Apparently my girlfriend said it would be the imperial march because and I quote “You would choke someone out if they did not listen to you” :WhenGifGetsAtYou: I would probably say something more positive with a happy cryey/sad undertone :hisaShrug::HisaChu2TailR:. Sorry I took so long on this one, I was so stuck on this one.

Hwseo asks – Can I shoot your brig medbay window again?


Proud citizen of Shitcuristan asks – What do you think is the main advantage yogs has over any other server on ss13?
To put simply, the community. At the end of the day I could care less about everything else. What makes our server the best is the people that keep it going. From the stalwart security if names like The Mingle, Rein and Austin, to the lizbay metagang (and friends) where you see Trisk, Fails, and of course the names that bring a smile to everyone like everyones favourite Grandpa, Koko. Theres so many more I could list but I would be here for hours~ That is the main advantage we have, the amazing people, each and every one of you~

Yobrocharlie asks – Least favorite game mode?
Probably the conversion antags, mostly Clock Cult. Nothing is worse than you coming on and have a project in mind for someone to lol nope you and order you around like you know all of their plans perfectly. You can especially see this problem on gangs where the server just becomes murderbone land. It can be really new player unfriendly and just a meh experience all around especially if you don’t want to deal with being a group antag yourself.

AJHcHenry asks – What’s your top 10 list for races/players since you asked us all?

Righto lets go through the list!
To be honest if you’re a felinid, I probably have a biased towards you IC. Felinid players are just more chill and you can usually trust them to know what theyre doing and have a good time, so I probably couldn’t pick a favourite or id just be making a list about felinids.
To the humans goes Slapnuts. At first clowns were just a nuisance and a pain that got in everyone’s way. But then came slapnuts to show me how to appreciate the clown, anyway thats how Clown Ops became my favourite game mode! (Shoutout to drake though cause my god their chems, alongside the humans at security, you know the ones.)
And now the lizards, to be honest I can’t really think of a lizard that I dislike.. Most are pretty chill and lizbay metagang are great to the point where medical is actually in a decent spot right now. With CMOs like Sol, Trisk and Fails, I don’t think I could ever trust a human CMO again bar a couple special ones. But the one lizard that stands out to me is Grandpa Koko. This motherfucker is friends with everyone, really kind and helpful to all, and actually puts thought into them prayers. They are by far one of the most fun people to bus with, and I am happy to put them onto my choice for lizards.
With the plants I think I will have to go with Plant, there are not many other plants, and I like them all but Plant has always been nice to talk to, fun to bus with and we have had some comfy moments on CC. Probably one of the characters that knows a bit more about Hoshimo than most.
Now onto the plasmemes. Well there is that one.. and uhh yeah… I am not good with plasmeme names :aChikaWhistle1: I mean I remember Ciphers for some reason so that must mean something! But I’m going for a totally no bias reasons go to of Final Francium XIV! Nothing much I need to say tbh they’re great when they play and the time I did the strange cat bus with em was hilarious~
Boom Boom. Thats all I need to say about this glorious moth.
So uhh, I don’t actually know any Ethereals but then I learnt Callie Carr was one and I was like wat, so congratulations they get the spot!
Okay so I am awful with names but the preternis who will get this award is that one that makes robotics all nice and clean and is really good at RP. I can already feel their disappointment if they read this cause I know the person but my god their names just bloody escaped me :WhenGifGetsAtYou: Anyway yeah thats them! Okay yeah we are really going into the ones where I fucking forget the names and I don’t really interact with Polys that much but there’s the 3 medical ones I like but my god names and :WhenGifGetsAtYou: I bet two of these are wrong but hey lets roll with it! Astrid, Alei (I think is the name!) and I think Gaia is another, or they could be a plant, look I’m trying here but theres ya names :WhenGifGetsAtYou:
With IPCs it goes to anyone who doesn’t have a password protected name with at least one number but no less than 3, at least 2 special characters, minimum of two letters at the start and at least 3 different language squiggles! Lets just hope that the stupid name restrictions changed soon cause my god :meguPuke: Anyway thats my weird list, but ima give a shoutout to an AI too! This one goes to A.N.I.M.A who you should always give a fucky Ion law to cause AI players deserved to be fucked with! Either way theyre a fun AI and do it good~
Later Edit – Oh yeah for Polys there was also this warden Polys that id always swap out their prosthetics for but I forgot their name! I like them too~ oh and i forgot Eve was a preternis so theres another haha~

Plant/Para asks – Would you hit the purrbation button at random if possible?
If people do not wish to become the best race, then they do not deserve to be the best race.

Baiomu asks – From playing, do you think yogs is a NRP, LRP, or MRP server?
So I will start off by saying that yogs is not an NRP server or community. However I could not define us as both an LRP or MRP server or community either, but a mixture of both and that is more than okay. The main problem that we face is that there are people who are trying to steer the server into a different balance than what the community truely want, or are just completely out of touch of what MRP/HRP actually means. At the end of the day, a wise Jamie once said “RP whatever the fuck you wanna.” And that there fits our server perfectly. If you wish to RP as someone who cannot speak common or fight due to the fact they are a clone of a mothers daughter who is in complete grief of losing her, then go ahead. But if you wanna be the surgery done in 10 seconds, boss rush killing, valid hunting (as long as each of your jobs allows such), sod or a mixture of them both then why not!
Our main problem again isnt LRPers or MRPers, its ones that are trying to force their ways on other people. One clear example is the mood system. For starters its fucking shit yet some people die by it, and in their blindness don’t even realise that it can be as RP heavy to one but NRP to another. A shitey system should not determine what my character feels, or if they want to feel anything atall. This can also be seen in the old RP rules with everyones favourite anaesthetic . That is the most NRP system I have ever seen in my life, yet some believe it was amazing. Full control away from a player is not RP, and it shows what part of our community is.
In conclusion. The server itself is a mixture of both LRP and MRP, with its gamemodes and systems facilitating both. Our community itself is also a mixture of LRP and MRP, hell with some HRPers in there too, but inside of that are people who try to force their way onto others.
Anyway we all know how to make an N/LRP server into a HRP server instantly, just add the E

Isotope436 asks – whats the name of your alt? does it have a favorite cookie flavor?
Its actually really easy to find out if you know my other FF Char :hisaShrug::HisaChu2TailR:

Molti asks – Are there any non-admins you wish had an ama?
Uhhhmmm, well ill take out all the mentors, maintainers and all that so just white/yellow names. I guess Koko? :hisaShrug::HisaChu2TailR: I guess it sorta depends on the questions people are gonna ask, like 99% of these questions are super tame so yeah I guess Koko would be a goodun to answer~

LewdElf asks – What is yo ur opinion on elves?
Well, time ago when I made the choice between elves or the dworfs, I picked the dworfs, and even if my views and opinions on the elves has brightened over the years, my loyalty and honour still lies in the mountain

Cowbot asks – Have you ever killed an elf?

Waterpig asks – Who are your least and most favourite clowns
When it comes to the greatness in clowndom, it is not about the hours that one has inside of clown itself, no. It is infact based off of the fact you have mastered every other job in the game to the point where you realise we all live inside of a society, and we are all but a cog in the system that goes around and around. Until one can truely gaze into this reality, they are bound to be a sub par clown.
One such of these clowns is the glorious Slapnuts who once brought society to its knees with their fellow clowns in a major victory against the man. Another time where society almost broke was of course a memorable tale for you, when your fellow clowns were mercilessly beaten for shouting out against the man,
In conclusion it is not the mask which makes the clown, but what is underneath it.

Baiomu asks – What is the minimum amount of GBP required to shave your head shiny bald?
I would rather commit unlife.

Cowbot asks – If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
Well that is a loaded question. I will steer away from any world changing things as that is just going beyond fantasy. Sure I could go with the easy one, appearance or money or to change a traumatic event. However that would not be my life. There are many things I have regretted in my life, but they are things I take with me, and even if there are occasions that have almost shattered me as a person, I am here and I am me, and as long as I am with the ones I love to absolute pieces, there is nothing I want to or need to change.
Infact, if I did have to pick one thing, it would be for my brother to not have to go through the hardships that he must face. However I will not be going into any more details than that.

Isotope436 asks – How much money would i have to give you to never play felinid again?
Money does not control me, if you want me to never play felinid again, you must strike me at my heart

AJHCHenry asks – Favorite seasonal holiday?
Easter because I was born on it Unbiased answer I would have to say Christmas then Valentines, mostly due to the fact that my family and the ones I care the most about mean the most to me. The weather and the feel of them both just feel so magical to me especially if the weather is perfect, even to this day. Sure it can all just be seen as something superficial, but it is what you make of it, and they both have really special meaning to me~ I also believed in santa till like year 8 cause my god I took my mums word as law, all the other kids were just bad and their parents had to get them presents thats all >~>

Thanks for reading~