Hislyna Chu Backstory

Name – Hislyna Chu

Age – 25

Gender – None

Race – Felinid

Reason for joining Nanotrasen – To find the original which Hislyna’s mother wishes back and to find out why she wants Hisa so much.

Qualifications – Forged Medical Doctorate, Online Certified Exorcism License

Occupations – Virology, Genetics, Exorcist, DJ

Background – Two years after the events of Hisa being accidently drop podded out of the derelict ship, Hisa’s mum’s actions became more erratic. Even though she was not the kindest mother to Hisa, she loved her nonetheless. From spending all her favours she had acquired, to sending out a bounty using all of her savings, but it always turned out cold.

Running out of options and with despair looming above her, she resorted to a more heinous act. If she could not have the original, she would make a new Hisa. Using the decrepit devices on her derelict ship, and the genetic data from Hisa, she got to work on creating a new Hisa, one that she would never let anyone take. Time and time again, the device would fail, creating abominations not meant for this world, but every attempt brought her closer to the edge, hoping that the next one will be the one to save her heart.

After 1725 painful and traumatising attempts, she gave up hope. Every attempt felt like a step backwards instead of forwards. Many years of the same attempt had drained her. Completely exhausted, she fell asleep midway through the 1726th attempt. Unbeknownst to her was that this was the attempt that she had been hoping for all this time.

Beeping came from the machine at an alarming rate, waking up Hisa’s mother. Her eyes, which opened slowly at first, beamed at the sight of the cloning apparatus. Inside the tube was what she was waiting for all this time, her Hisa that she missed so dearly, however that Hisa was weak and could fade at any moment. She rushed towards the terminal and processed the status of the clone. The clone was anaemic and had damaged organs, but other than that the clone was stable. Hisa’s mum rushed around, searching for any old mechanical organs to stabilise Hisa, and with them inserted into the device, she could rest easily.

Hisa was coddled from the moment Hisa was released from the pod. Even though Hisa was imperfect, Hisa’s mother cared for Hisa like it was the original, but this time it was different. She never let Hisa out of sight, or let Hisa know what Hisa really was. That day she locked away the medical equipment and any data on the experiments so that the pair could live a happy life as was meant to be.

She taught Hisa the way that she was taught to survive, however it was not that easy. At first she thought that Hisa would get used to speaking, yet as time went on, she realised that words just could not come out of Hisa’s mouth. She tried to hide her grievances however Hisa saw right through them. Hisa stayed quiet and followed the techniques that were being drilled in, however Hisa still felt off.

As years passed, and Hisa was able to fend for Hisa’s self, but at the cost of Hisa’s mother becoming more and more detached over the years. Hisa was confused, all Hisa ever wanted to do was to make mother happy, yet she seemed more and more despaired as time went on. Every time Hisa tried to cheer her up, she would put on a fake smile and mumble,

“It’s not your fault, don’t worry my child, I just..”

It tore Hisa to pieces. Looking for any answer, Hisa looked around the ship that Hisa knew like the back of Hisa’s hand. Looking through every nook and cranny, any desk or cupboard was scoured, yet all that was found was an old ID that matched the symbols on the door that was always locked off to Hisa. With no other answers, Hisa went to the door and scanned the ID. A small “blip” was heard and the red light above the door became green, granting Hisa access.

As Hisa took a first step in, all that was on Hisa’s face was a blank stare. Multiple tubes of failed experiments, each with a letter and a number. H-1; the tube was just filled with goo, H-154; a floating head with no facial features, H-1472; a pure white being with red eyes, it looked like it was in pain but kept in stasis, and then finally H-1726 – Hisa.

Before Hisa could even process the information, Hisa’s mum came bursting into the lab after hearing the bleep, but she was too late. Hisa turned around and with all her effort with the most broken down voice staid

“Who… am… I?…….”

Hisa’s mum collapsed, knowing the fragile world created was about to come crashing down once again. She burst into tears, pleading with Hisa that she is her child, but Hisa saw into her soul. Hisa was but a clone to replace the one she had lost. Hisa too collapsed. The world that Hisa knew was a lie, but Hisa was not upset. Hisa just wanted Hisa’s mother to be happy. Hisa went up to Mother and embraced her. Trying to comfort the best way Hisa could. Hisa carefully grabbed the weakened Mother and placed her into bed.

During that time, Hisa wrote a letter to Mother, telling her that Hisa loves her so much, but that she knew that Hisa was not who she wanted. Hisa stated that from this day forth, Hisa will be called Hislyna, and will find Hisa so that they all can live happily together like she always wished for. Hislyna then waited for Mother to wake up.

It was quick, but bittersweet. Hislyna’s Mother gave Hislyna one last hug before giving Hislyna a Syndicate comms headset, some money, and the information of a few contacts who can help out in pointing Hislyna in the right direction. With that, Hislyna was dropped off at a Syndicate outpost.

With Hislyna’s goal in mind, Hislyna began to work for the Syndicate, becoming communications operative to gather data on enemy stations, using that data to find Hisa. A year passed with little to no useful information. In that time alone, Hislyna set up a pirate radio station, Radio C.H.U, which Hislyna used to help broaden the name in hopes of a lead, however eventually Hislyna came to enjoy it, and with money gained from being an operative, upgraded the outpost in both a communications centre and a DJ Booth to help bring joy to those around Chu.

One fateful eve however, a report came through from Central Command to a station, signed off by G.C. Hoshimo. Hislyna had what Hislyna was looking for all this time, and now all that was needed to be done was enter that station under the guise of an employee. With documents forged through one of Hislyna’s contacts, Hislyna could finally embark on the mission to find and bring back Hisa home.

Personality – Hislyna is generally kind and positive to anyone who approaches, however Hislyna mostly feels pity upon the workers on NT, seeing them as bound slaves that Hislyna hopes they may all one day wake up and escape. Hislyna has a distrust within humans due to the fact they are usually arrogant and racist towards other races which usually work harder than humans.

Strengths – Due to not being able to make words, Hislyna can easily pick up languages that use sounds instead of direct words, and understand them easily. Hislyna specialises in Draconic, Felinid and Sylvian however likes to pick up and practise other languages when Hislyna can. Hislyna also needs worry not about death, for Hislyna knows that another clone will be ready to go at any point back at the ship. Alongside this, being a clone of Hisa brought Hislyna to the more spiritual side of life. Hislyna can also DJ pretty well.

Weaknesses – Due to being an imperfect clone of Hisa, Hislyna unfortunately cannot form words atall, and thus cannot speak common. Alongside this, Hislyna cannot create blood as efficiently as the average being, and Hislynas organs are incomplete. This usually leaves Hislyna in a more weak state where Hislyna will pass out alot longer than the average folk. With Hislyna being such an imperfect clone, a normal cloning machine will not be able to create the clone, instead having to rely on more unconventional cloning devices.

Additional Notes – In an attempt to find Hisa easier, Hislyna wears similar clothing to her in an attempt to draw her attention.

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