Hisa Hoshimo / Chu – The Story Continued

HaiHaii~ Here you will find what has happened to Hisa Hoshimo/Chu since the events of Hisa’s backstory. This will be updated in time either here or in another post.

As time passed, Hisa made friends with another, Shana Nietono, which even though seemed quite carefree, and quite the ~~drunk~~ “connoisseur” of alcohol to the other two, was ever kind and thoughtful, and joined the two as a maid, and eventual barkeep of The Magical Hideaway.

Vicky Chu, who had been searching far and long for Hisa, eventually found Hisa in The Magical Hideaway. At first distraught of what chu learnt had happened to Hisa, realising that Hisa had forgotten everything, including their bond together. At first chu was too afraid to confront Hisa, instead acting as a wealthy benefactor to The Magical Hideaway, and becoming very close to Hisa, until chu found the confidence in telling Hisa who chu was, and everything that had come beforehand.

At first Hisa was confused, but looking into Vicky’s eyes, Hisa knew it to be true. Eventually Hisa, Vicky and Kari came together and discussed the bizarre scenario, legally being bound to both, as if having lived 2 lives which have now merged, they all strived to make it work together.

As Hisa continued Hisa’s work at the cafe, Hisa learnt that Hisa had quite the knack for creating alchemical potions, eventually making essences, based off of the carbuncles that “saved” Hisa that day, not unlike the concoctions Hisa used to make back in Old Sharlayan.

Alongside this, Hisa made some friends over at another venue which Hisa frequented, unfortunately not as much as before, Hisa frequented a comfy venue called The Lost Library, where Hisa made friends with Nayr and his now partner Kaine, who Hisa had helped with the essences Hisa had created, helping Kaine unlock some of her memories.

Hisa and Vicky also made friends with one called Vikiridi, who eventually created their own venue, Wondrous Tails based off of improv stories with ideas from the audience. They had also been beaten quite heavily one time during The Magical Hideaway Brawling Tournament.

Rick Jones and The Overlord were quite the tale for Hisa, at first a scary tale, with Hisa scared of The Overlord, who is as if encased into Rick Jones, but they both became close friends with each other over the use of Hisa’s essences, to the point of the overlord gaining a crush on Hisa.

Nigiri, as Hisa remembers their name helped assist Hisa in the way of aetherology, helping Hisa control a device not unlike nouliths, which Hisa could use to administer essences from afar.

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