How I Became A Weeb

The Weeb, Weeaboo, Shut In Neet, No Life That Never Goes Outside. These Are All Ways You Can Use To Describe Me. But How Did I Get Here? Well, It Is A Simple Enough Story. It All Started Many A Year Ago In The Land Where The World Ended. 2012.

Before I Became A Weeb, I Had Absolutely Nothing To Do With Anything Weeby. The Only Anime I Watched Was Shows Such As Dragonball When I Was A Kid, Like Most People. I Was On The Xbox Console, I Made Some Friends From The Southampton Through A Friend That Was From My School. We Played Halo Reach Alot And Other Games Together, Annnyway, Back To The Point. One Of Them Recommended Me Something, And It Was Not Anime. Infact, It Was A Visual Novel, Which Was Called Katawa Shoujo. Now, I Did Have My Doubts About This, Since Katawa Shoujo Translates Exactly Into – Disability Girls. But I Played It Anyway. It Was Amazing! I Loved Every Part Of It. My First Route Was Shizune’s, But Not Because I Wanted Her, But Because I Wanted Misha Mikado, As She Was My Favourite Out Of The Bunch. That Was The Only “Bad” Ending That I Went Through, As I Managed To Happily Get All The Good Routes For Everyone Else First Time. Personally, My Favourite Route Was Hanako.

Well What Happened After That Then? Welllll, It Went All Downhill From There. I Started Playing Visual Novels 24/7, I Rarely Went To School As Is So It Was Easy With Me, Even When I Did I Still Brought In My Laptop To School And Played Visual Novels There. I Played All The Fates, Hoshizora No Memoria, Clannad, If My Heart Had Wings, And Many More Every Second That I Was Awake. It Was The Best Entertainment Out Of Gaming That I Had Tried. And I Am Glad That I Was Started On The Path Of Becoming A Weeb In 2012.

Eventually, I Started Watching Anime, Watching All The Old Mainstream Anime’s, Then Eventually Moving Over To The Simulcasts And Watching Them As They Come Up Until This Day.

Thank You For Reading As Always <3

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