My Opinion On The Early Access System On Steam


Steams Early Access System, What Is It? To Put It Simply, Its The 2nd Hell Hole Of Steam. First Greenlight, Now This. It Goes Like This – Are You A Game Company That Has Made Part Of A Game And Want Money Now So You Don’t Need To Finish Your Product? THEN COME RIGHT ABOARD! Most Games That Enter Early Access Will Never Leave. Its Sad That People Work Hard To Finish A Game Don’t Make As Much As People Who Start Making A Game, And Live In The Easy Early Access Life.

Lets Talk About The 2 Games That Pretty Much Some Up 73% Of The Game Genres On Early Access. Rust – The Survival Games, And H1Z1 – The Battle Royal. There’s Many More I Can Talk About, Such As Games That Practically Ran Off With The Money And Didnt Finish The Game, Like Spacebase DF 9, However, That Is Something That Is Its Own Subject That Can Be Tackled Another Day.

First On The Chopping Block – H1Z1. Firstly It Was One Game, But When It Became Daybreak Studios, They Separated The Game Into 2 – H1Z1 Just Survive, Which Has Pretty Much Got Little To No Support, And H1Z1 King Of The Kill. Luckily, People Who Had The Original H1 Got Both Versions, But They Pretty Much Doubled The Price Of The Game If You Wanted Both, Which I Find Disgraceful. Just Survive Also Got Shafted On Development Aswell. Anyway, About King Of The Kill. When Was It Supposed To Come Out Of Early Access? Late 2015? Mid 2016? Well They Were, But NOPE! Now Its Just A Game Thatll Be Out Soon… Its Also Riddled With Micro-transactions. Its A Bloody Early Access Game! Get Your Games Out Of Development Before You Try To Rinse Your Player Base Of Their Well Earned Cash. The Games Alright, But Does It Deserve The Cash And Amount Of Players That It Has And Receives? No. And This Isn’t Just The Only Battle Royal Out There. Early Access Is Riddled With Unfinished Messy Products Of Kill Al To Be To The Top. Pretty Much All You Do Is Pick Up Shit, Move Around When Told To, Kill, And Survive Till The End. And Now Theres A New “Reining King” Of This Genre – Player Unknown Battleground. Now That’s A New One, With Devs Of Both Arma And H1, They Say Ittl Be Out Of EA By 2017, But We’ll See.

Rust. The True Surviving King Of Early Access. Starting In Early Access On 11th December 2013, It Has Been One Of The Oldest Games That Is Still In Early Access. And You Know It Has Micro-transactions. What Is The Game You Ask? Well Its Just Another One Of Those Survival Building Games, Minecraft HD Or Something, Whatever You Want To Call. Early Access Is Riddled With Rubbish. You’ve Played One, You’ve Played Them All. Ill Give Rust Some Credit, Even Though Its A Very Minuscule Amount Of Credit. And Thats That It Still Updates. But It Still Feels Like An Unfinished Mess. It Runs On The Great Premise Of “Fun With Friends” But Everything Is Fun With Friends, So In My Opinion, Its Not Really A Selling Point, And Other Than That, Its Just People Running Around Like Idiots, Killing, Griefing, And About 100 Respawns Before You Can Actually Make A Base. Just Because Its Fun To Play With Friends, Doesn’t Make The Game Good.


In The End. I Hate The Early Access Program, It Was A Promising Premise, But It Was Executed Terribly, With Little To No Curation, And I Hope That It Eventually Gets Curated Or Removed As Soon As Possible.


Thank You For Your Time As Always <3