My Opinion Of Old School Runescape

Runescape, A Game That Many British People Played When They Were Young, Now A Completely Different Game From What They Remember, But A Few Years Ago, An Old 2007 Version Of Runescape Was Used To Officially Revive The Nostalgia Of What It Was Like When We Were Younger. That Game Now, Is Old School Runescape.

Unlike Most People, I Continued Playing Runescape Where Others Moved On, Played Other Games, Or Just Outright Stopped. I Loved The Game. Everything About It, Its Progression, The Items, And Of Course, The Swagscape (Cosmetics) . Then In 2012, A Major Update Came To The Game, Called The Evolution Of Combat, Which Drove Away Alot Of The Community. I Did Not Mind The Update That Much, As I Mainly Skilled And Chilled. But The Game Slowly Became Easier And Easier, To The Point Where It Just Didn’t Feel As Much Of An Accomplishment Getting Skills Up To Max, And Some Things, That Were Hard To Get, Became To Easy.

This However Did Not Stop Me Playing. Sure, I Played Less Than What I Did, But I Still Went On From Time To Time. When OSRS First Came Out, I Became A Defence Pure, Which Was The Only Combat Skills I Levelled Was Defence, It Was Long. But The Most AFK Thing In The World, So I Did It, Since I Was Doing Other Things At The Time. I Didn’t Want To Start Over Again From Scratch, As Your Account Didn’t Carry Over Onto OldSchool From Runescape 3, But I Did Love Watching Streams Of Old School, Especially The PVP. My Favourite Streamer Of Runescape, SkillSpecs (Who Is Now A Good Friend Of Mine) Encouraged (Sorta) Me To Play OldSchool Properly, And Eventually, During The Release Of Zeah (Which Was A New Continent Of OldSchool) Around 2015, I Decided To Play Fully, Eventually, I Stopped Playing RS3 And Only Played OSRS.

So What Of It? What Is My Opinion Of Old School Runescape? Well.. Its Sort Of A Mixed Bag

For Starters, Its Defiantly Not For Everyone, For A First Timer, It Will Take Quite A Long Time To Get Up To The Point Of Being Able To Do All The Content, You Cant Just Jump Into This Game And Be Ready In A Week For Everything, There Is A Lot Of Grinding. Secondly, Money Controls This Game. The More Money You Have In Game, The More Powerful You Are. Almost Every Piece Of Equipment In This Game Is Buyable, Which Means You Can Make Alot Of Money From Merching, Or Some Decide That It Would Be Easier To Buy Bonds With IRL Money, And Trade Them In For Coins At The Grand Exchange, Where Players Can Buy And Sell Their Items Without Being There. Luckily, Not All Of The Games Items Can Be Bought, As There Are Alot Of Untradeable Items Such As Pets, Which Bring More Prestiege (Depending On Killcount, Its All Based On Luck At The End Of The Day) And The Newly Released Inferno Cape, Which Cannot Be Bought And Must Be Completed By You To Get The Item. I Used To Be A Mercher Back On RS3, But On This Game, I Care Less For Money, As All I Desire Is A Pet Behind Me While I Play.

So Whats With The Picture At The Top, The Duel Arena (Or The Sand Casino) ? Well, Originally, It Was A Place Where People Could Challenge People In A Safe Zone Where You Wouldn’t Lose Your Items, You Could Even Wager Each other Some Coins Or Items, For The Winner Of The Battle. Thats What It Was. Now Its A Gamblers Haven, The Land Of Staking Addicts.You Wanna Make/Lose Money Quick? Goto The Duel Arena, 50/50 Odds Of Doubling The Money That You Put In. Of Course Its Filled With Bots, Scammers, And Real World Traders. So, If You Want An Item, Would You Rather Grind 10 Hours In Hope For It Or Grind Up Enough Cash To Buy It? If So, Youre Probably An Ironman, Or You Dont Have The Stats To Stake, Or Would You Rather Go To The Duel Arena, And Either Come Out Rich Or Poor? Unfortunately, Most Choose The Duel Arena.Which Is A Shame, As It Brings The Fun Out Of The Game, And Just Makes It A Place To Gamble For Items You’ll Probably Use A Few Times And Then Stake Again. Luckily, Not Everyone Is Like This. But It Is A Shame That The Duel Arena Has Taken So Many People Away From The Game, And Of Course, You Could Just Become An Ironman, Which Is A Great Fun Mode Where You Stand Alone. You May Have Heard Of The Memes, Pretty Much, You Have To Do Most Things Solo, And You Must Get All Your Items By Yourself (With The Very Small Exception Of Some Quest Items) . It Is A Great Mode, And I Would Recommend It To People Who Would Like A More “Traditional” Feeling MMO


All In All, I Love Runescape, And I Hate Runescape. I Would Recommend It To Anyone Who Would Want To Give It A Try, But Id Understand Why People Wouldn’t Want To Play It. There Is No Harm In Trying Old School, Its Even Got F2P Elements, With A Strong F2P Community, And Who Knows, You Might Come To Love It, Just Stay Away From The Duel Arena ;P

My Runescape Names Are Hisakaki, Nepgear, And Tohru.

Thank You For Reading <3 Underneath Are My Stats For My Main Oldschool Account As Writing.