My First Blog =S

Hello, And Welcome To My First Blog Post, I Didnt Know Exactly What To Write For My First One, But While I Was Thinking Of What To Do, My Sister Was On Netflix, And We Saw Shrek. Its A Terrible Film That Is Terribly Over Rated, But Who Cares =P , So I Have Decided That I Shall Write About That As That Is All That I Could Think About As The Film Was Very Loud.

So Lets Start Off With The Opening Few Minutes, Lets Be Honest, Its The One Part That Everyone Knows And Loves, The Good Old All Star Song. The Only Thing That Is Good About This Film. Other Than That, Its ALL Downhill. Lets Just Start Off With The Animation. Its Just Outright Terrible! You Know What Else Came Out In 2001? Spirited Away. Now THAT Has Amazing Animation! Shrek Looks Like Someone Got Right Outa Uni, And Tried To Make It Big. Like Seriously? How Did So Many People Enjoy This Film, Its So Annoying To Watch! I Guess The Grass Looks Alright. But Have You Seen Everything Else? The Facial Animations, Yuk! The Mud Animation Looks Like Something They Bought From Some Asset Website. You Can Find Better Animation On Deviant Art FFS!

Lets Talk About The Characters, And By Characters, I Mean Donkey. MY GOD DONKEY IS SO FUCKING ANNOYING! How Can Anyone Tolerate His Voice And His Lines? Remember When They Found Horse Meat In Burger King And Tesco? Well Lets Hope That Happens With Donkey Meat, Cause My God Id Rather Listen To Anything Else Other Than That. I Mean I Like Eddie Murphy. He’s A Pretty Good Actor, But The Voice Lines That They Gave Him Are AIDS. And That Relationship With The Dragon, But Lets Not Talk About That. Then Theres Shrek, He’s Got Some Alright Lines, Like The Good Old “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN ME SWAMP!” , And Him Shouting At Donkey, But Thats Just A Godsend To Shut Him Up For Even 5 God Damn Seconds. At Least In Shrek 2 There Was Puss In Boots. Personally, I Really Liked Puss In Boots, But Thats Just Like A Naughty Pleasure Of Some Sorts

Right, Now To Talk About Lord Farquaad. He’s Slightly Funny, Got Some Alright Lines, Could Look Pretty Good As A Character If Someone Good Animated Him. Faruquaads Castle / Duloc Is An Alright Scene, Specially The Part With The Little Infomation Song, I Used To Love That As A Kid For Some Reason. Imo, Farquaad Is An Alright Villan, Could Be Much Better, But Could Be A Million Times Worse.

As I Am Watching This, I Remember How Good Of A Soundtrack That They Have, With Of Course All Star, If You Like Pina Coladas, And Bad Repuation. I Guess There Are Some Lights In The Darkness


All In All, Shrek Is A Harmless Film. Do I Think Its A Terrible Film? Yes. Would I Watch It Again? Sure. Does It Have Good Memes? 73% It Does. If Youve Never Seen It, Go Ahead. You Might Like It Even Though Its Terrible. Meh, It Made Me Laugh A Few Times.

No Ratings Here. Its All Personal Opinion =P