Dungeons And Dragons – Magna The Dwarf Vampire Paladin Backstory~

Magna, once a proud and noble Dawi, honored by many in his mountainland of Rockguard , one of Moradins great Paladins fell in battle against a nexus of vampires that were cursing the land of Randershade nearby. As he was lying there, on what he thought was his deathbed, he could hear the rest of his battalion retreat back into the mountains, with hearing that, Magna gave out one last sigh, closed his eyes, and thought about his past and his loved ones.

As he recalled, many would consider him lawfully good to the people of Rockguard, always upholding great dwarven traditions and making the mountains a better place for the dwarfs. He and his twin brother Magnus were quite the wealthy family, with their mother dying as she gave birth to us, and their father being the renowned Ironbreaker, a title he received at the age of 200 for eliminating the goblin threat with nothing left on him but his trusty iron shield by the time he was done. As he tried to remember his family once last time, he felt drops of liquid fall onto him alongside a heavy humanoid being. With that, he passed out for what he thought was the last time.

Not long, perhaps just the night after, Magna awoken under a pile of bodies, all vamparic from what he could tell. He felt energised, as if he was reborn, however he was feeling quite.. thirsty, however it was not of a thirst that Magna had ever felt before. It was as if it was controlling him, forcing him to feed? He climbed out of this pit of death, and found himself a peaceful area away from the aroma of blood, he got onto his knees and prayed to his god, for help, for hope. for anything! Yet all he could hear was silence.

Magna was confused and dazed, had his god abandoned him? No, this must be a challenge from him, to prove my faith against all odds, to prove his honour in the darkest hour. With his moral reagained, he headed towards whatever civilization he could find, so he could recuperate and continue the fight once the exhaustion leaves his body.

After what felt like hours with this pain, he stumbled upon a small building, carved into the rock. In a rush of hope, forgetting all manners of a dwarf, he rushed towards for door and bashed on it with whatever remained of his strength. As the door opened, all that Magni remembered was a scream of a women’s voice, then a great lust surging throughout his body, then his mind went blank.

As Magna returned to his senses, he saw what he had done. Magna drained and devoured the blood of a young female dwarf to death. Magna was mortified at what he did to a fellow dawi, yet at the same way, he was satisfied and filled with life once again. He ran towards a reflecting stone to find what his worst fear could be. He was no longer Magna, a glorified and honour bound dwarf oathbound to the paladins of moradin, but an outcast, the very being he came out to defeat that very night.

With him coming to that realization, he hid in this cave, waiting, praying for forgiveness, while upholding the dawi code as much as he could, and perhaps just waiting for his next drink.

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