Dungeons And Dragons – H154 Backstory~

H154, A Dwarven masterpiece. Taking the combined efforts of the greatest minds inside of *insert dwarven city* , H154 was to be the pinnacle of dwarven engineering. A defender of the mountains from the threat below. 

The dwarfs spent countless hours perfecting their creation, but that was all to their detriment. Located deep below the city, the Duergar thrive in the underdark, plotting to capture and enslave the citizens of *dwarven city* for their own dark desires. The Duergar, corrupted by the depths and the abandonment of Moradin, thrive on slavery and the destruction of the ones above. All they had to do is wait for the perfect moment, and the scent of a new dwarven creation was one opportunity they could not afford to miss.

Inside the dwarven forges of *dwarven city* lived a devious Duergar, Cagrim, in the guise of one of *Dwarf citys* great smiths. who was enslaved and sold many months ago for the liberty of having one of their own for insider information. Once Cagrim alerted the high council of the new threat, the Duergar set in motion one of the most elaborate heists in the mountains history. Not to just capture H154, but to make it one of their own. With Cagrim being one of the first to be requested to assist on H154’s creation, it was if they were handing him a silver platter. With the operation set in motion. Cagrim worked countless hours perfecting the integral parts to the H154, using ancient Duergar runes to ward off Moradin, while allowing it to retain the abilities of a defender.

Days turned to weeks, Weeks to months, and birth of *dwarven city* magnum opus was soon to be, all they were waiting on was Moradins blessing to bestow greatness upon H154, granting it life and purpose to the mountains finest minerals. With the paladins and priests preparing this divine act, Cagrim got to work with the final piece of the puzzle, the ritual of Laduguer. Spending the last week perfecting his runes and gestures, he was ready to perform the rite. When the dial struck middas, he begun. With the power of Laduguer, and the proficiency of the runes, Moradin was struck away from H154, and instead infused with great evil, causing the construct to burst into a great red aura, alerting the high priests performing the ritual to what could be foul play. As expected, the priests ran out of the chamber, warding H154 alone with the most trusted paladins to secure the hallway towards the construct, however Cagrim didn’t need to enter the chamber, he was already in.

With wards only going off towards new intruders, Cagrim and his adept Duergar invisibility rushed inside the chamber only moments after the commotion began, giving him ample time to prepare the cherry on the cake. Unlocking the secret components the Cagrim had prepared earlier, he installed a holy disguise mechanism, allowing H154 to blend in as if he was Moradins personal warrior. With that being done, all he had to do was wait…

Moments went by, and nothing but the breeze of the cold depths could be heard. All of a sudden, the doors slam open with divine light. It was Highlord Tirion, born from an ancient bloodline, with the power of an Avenging Angel on his side, Cagrim screams out in a mass uncontrollable panic, rendering him powerless to such an almighty power. Tirion, with wings as angelic as a celestial from mount celestia itself, he charges towards Cagrim with his hammer forged of pure holy light, and smites him down where he stands, leaving behind nothing but an ashen shell of what he once was.

With the threat of the Duergar put on hold, Tirion rushed over to the great metal being, casting a powerful ward apon it, giving the dwarves precious time to ensure their holy protector was pure. With the unnerving presence of the Duergar about, Tirion had no choice but to move H154 across continent, giving him the greatest chance of survival and prosperity without tampering from outside forces. With that in mind, Tirion bound one of his personal mounts to H154, the great snow wolf, to carry him miles across miles of land and ocean towards the continent of Mern, where Tirion’s greatest allies, the Platinum Sanctuary could purify the great monument of achievement that they call H154. With the message sent, Tirion sent the H154 on top of the snow wolf on what seemed like a great holy pilgrimage.

The snow wolf was strong, but not invincible, and even H154s lifeless state could sense it. Countless days of constant travel slowly warped the wolfs mind, as if being linked to H154’s mind was driving it into madness. The wolf powered on, using the great strength of Tirion’s training to power through what felt like travelling through Hades and back, but being so far from his once master and the time being consumed by dreaded evil was taking too much of a toll. The wolf stopped, put down H154 from his back, and stared into the void barren eyes that was the mechanical beast that it had been carrying for what seemed like a millenium. The snow wolf, went around the great metalic beast, sharpened its most favourite claw, and compressed the tiny warded hole just at the back of H154s neck. In what seemed like a flash, a great steam explosion came from inside H154, with a dreaded glow emanating from what felt like its soul. 

The mountains went to a horrifying silence, as if caused by unnatural forces. The wolf went back around to the now functioning H154, stared it into the eyes. All it could hear in the back of its mind was – Goooooood. But all was not good. The ward was not there to protect H154 from harm, but to eliminate it if any foul play was detected before it arrived at its intended destination for the greater good of dwarvenkind, but as if H154 had the luck of the gods, it was given a second chance at life, however it was permanently changed. Perhaps for the better, or for the worse… All that H154 knows is everyone will pay.

As dawn became dusk, the snow wolf became restless, with no goal but vengeance in sight, H154 needed to prepare for the upcoming bloodshed. With the vast knowledge of the mountains and landscape installed into H154’s memory, alongside the unholy bond H154 and the snow wolf shared, they took off to find shelter, wealth, and an arsenal to take out and eliminate the force of two armies.

The duo took off, taking any job they could acquire to make them the greatest threat that the dwarves will ever face. Whatever job the duo took, destruction laid in their wake. Intentional or not, the duo was an element not to be reckoned with, killing families, burning settlements, or infiltrating unsuspecting “heroes”. If anything, whether purposeful or accidental, the duo were not subtle in any approach, as if stealth was not installed in H154s subroutines.

With power trembling through them, the duo decided to lay low for a while, to ensure that the imbecilic dwarves do not catch tail of their whereabouts. The pair headed for a well known villainous hideout where they could lower their reputation for a while and make some extra coin on the said as a construct for hire. They call the hideout Gerhan.

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