Edge Of The Empire – Hoshi The Bounty Hunter Backstory~


Name – Hoshi

Race – Human

Colour – White

Age – 26

Hair – Pure White Hair

Hair Length – Long

Eyes – Heterochromia Blue/Red

Height – 5”11

Clothing/Armour – Pure Black Bounty Hunter Armour, White Highlights, Cyan Visor

Hoshi, born on the Space Station Y0, lived a life of mostly solitude and seclusion from the outside world, being raised by droids for most of her life, having her parents always either busy working, or off the station entirely. From the day she was born, her parents assigned 2 droids to care and look after her, but what she didn’t know was that she was part of a much larger plot.

Her parents, both being bounty hunters, had a large job to be done, one that would turn a lot of heads if they were to do it themselves, but if they could pull it off, they would be minted for life. It involved Y0, a prestigious research facility that research was competing with another company, and that company wanted them gone. The job would be a long and hard one. A job where if they got caught, death would be the least of their worries.

The money, however was too good to just give up, so they hatched a seventeen year long plan. They would have a child, raise that child on said station, and have them blow it up instead, but they needed help. She needed cause and reason to blow up the station, and that is where they came up with a brilliant idea. They would hire two droids undercover to raise her and train her into the perfect killing machine. Droids are mostly ignored by everyone so no one would take suspicion on them compared to two new staff. They made some calls and brought them onboard for 30% of the cut.

From there, the plan was simple. The other company set them up by giving them old classified data from their research that would be enough to prove that they were defects coming onto the station to better their work. The four of them would then work as researchers and live on the ship for three years learning all they could about the station and taking key research for extra coin, until they would have their child. The droids would then be taken off of research team and work on bringing up the child away from her parents, subtly implanting hatred and lies about them and this station, while training her to be the perfect assassin in “spite” of her parents to eventually blow up the station as a whole and they would all get off scot-free with enough money to last them a lifetime.

Three years later and the plan was already in full motion. Hoshi was just born and the droids were just reassigned as the caretakers. The plan was going perfectly. From then on the parents would work on a remote location on more classified research so that they could stay away from the child for as long as possible, and giving the droids the freedom that they would need to plant the seed of spite into Hoshi.

As the time went on, the seeds sown began to flourish, training took root. As her toddler years became child years, the distaste of her parents grew and grew. The droids used this distrust to get close to her, giving her that family that she so craved, and the output that she had desired. They started to train her in stealth while she was young and so easily mouldable, teaching her to climb in vents, breathe slowly, not to trust anyone but your surroundings, and be unseen in plain sight. She was a natural. They also taught her to keep quiet, people don’t need to know what you’re doing, just do it. As she grew older, they trained her in basic weaponry, how to hold and use a knife, one on one combat, making an outnumbered situation into one that turns out in your favour, and how to strike without even seeing you coming.

With the knowledge that she had learnt there would be two more things she would need to do before they could send her on her mission. Learn how to fly so she could blow up the station, and know how to shoot at ranged when in a sticky situation. Using her natural stealth that was built up over the years, she slipped into the armoury and grabbed the first gun she saw. She smuggled it back to the droids which left them in dismay. They thought she would return with a basic pistol, but instead she had returned with a Light Repeating Blaster. More astonished than anything, they taught her the ways of long ranged combat, allowing her to take out any for without them even realising she was pointing the hairs onto them.

Lastly, was the flight, not a simple task, but a possible one. Luckily for them a few positions opened up for their latest research project. Test pilots for their new creation. With this opportunity flowing their way, the droids used their know-how of the station and technology to put her on the list of recruits to learn how to fly their new creation. While placing her onto the program, they learnt of a very intriguing mechanism with the new creation, that could help a lot in the destruction of the station. With this in mind, the droids hatched out a new idea.

The research ships were to use a new incendiary explosive weaponry, one that was most effective in space. Learning this brought about the proposal of using their own creation against them. Giving her a few years to learn how to master the ways of aircraft, the droids setup the perfect opportunity to steal one and destroy everything that she had known, hopefully her included.

With her being 21 and the perfect piloting killing machine, they set her off. Giving her the nudge to press on with the destruction was easy. They sent her footage of her parents returning to the station after having the perfect holiday away without her once again. This drove her into into a pit of despair that no mortal should ever come to. With the knowledge that her parents were on board, and that the station was the cause of all this despair, she set out to destroy all that they loved.

The droids printed out a map of both the inner and outer station, with key weaknesses and patrols located on both the maps for her to exploit. With that, they set her off. Going out during the time where most was asleep, she snuck out through her bedroom vent, and into the hanger bay. She noticed that even during the time of night, the creations were heavily guarded with basic infantry. With that in mind, she made her way to the engine, which was surprisingly unguarded compared to the bay, she prepared the distraction.

Using her rifle, she loaded it with a high incendiary round that would be enough to cause a high influx and potential delamination of the supermatter that was powering the station, which left alone would cause more than just the power going out. With her sights aimed at the centre, she took in one deep breath before releasing the bullet that would hopefully distract all engine, science and security staff for long enough to steal the ship.


The whole room shone with light as the station bellowed with alarms from every corner. The station was in red alert and every known person was rushing to the Supermatter. With this she had one shot. She scurried as swiftly as she could towards the bay. Noticing the lack of security, she leaped out the vents and across the hanger. Sliding the ship to ship, she found her ship. Named memoria for the memories that shall be destroyed once she had finished with her plan. She leaped in and started the engine. With weapons loaded and the ship ready to fly she set off.

Unfortunately for her, the guards did not have to be there to realise the ship was stolen. As the left the hanger exit she noticed that the barrier that let her out had turned red. An unauthorised ship, leaving the hanger. With that she knew she wouldn’t have long to hatch her grand scheme. With the final moments of peace she had, she radioed the droids to get to a pod and to thank them for all they had done. With her final goodbyes she smashed the controller, ensuring that she could not be tracked from then out.

This was it, the finale for her. Dead or alive she would have the station destroyed, and with that, she flew off to the structures pinpointed on the map and bombed the living hell out of them. For once in her life she felt pure joy from her parents, knowing that there was no hope that they could survive this. As she finished her bombing run, she watched in pure glee as the station went up in cataclysmic flames. As she turned the ship around to fly to the closest planet, the station managed to lock on and send out one beam of light, shattering the ships right wing, before blowing up entirely.

With her life now on the line, she prepared for emergency manoeuvrers, giving her the closest chance of a safe crash landing she could receive. As she came closer and closer to this frozen planet, she prayed and braced for impact. The ship crashed.

An hour later she came through, surprisingly unharmed, but with the ship not even resembling one. It was if her prayers had been answered by some unknown force. With her brushing herself off and almost freezing to death, she grabbed her gun and started to trek through the snow in hope for any sort of civilization out there.

With what felt like hours to her, she finally saw light, a town! With all the energy she had left she rushed towards the ligh in hopes of some respite. What she didn’t expect to see however were to familiar faces as she came closer to the town. THE DROIDS! They were alive. Unfortunately for her, her voice was almost gone from the sub-zero temperatures, so all she could do is follow in hpes that she could catch up.

After about fifteen minutes of tailing, she saw them head into a cantina. Finally, she thought, she could catch up and be at peace again. She headed into the cavern. As she looked around, she saw that this was no longer like the station she had knew. It was a wretched hive of scum and villainy. With that she snuck into the shadows. Ensuring that she was not seen by onlookers, she made her way to the back, where she had saw the droids go. As she was about to walk up to them she noticed a couple others head over. She decided to stay hidden and watch.

As the two sat down with hoods still worn up, she could barely make out who they were. It was her parents! Sitting down next to the droids that cared for her. She was absolutely livid. She kept her cool and waited. As she eavesdropped over their conversation, she had learnt that her whole life was a lie. From the day she was born, she was used to be their perfect scape goat. To destroy the station for them while they get the millions. She had been used, she could not trust another person again. As she was about to head in to obliterate them from existence, Guards ran in. They had followed the tracks from the wrecked ship and found them leading here. With that, she made her leave while she was still unseen, vowing that she will one day hunt down her “family” and show them how much that money was worth to them.

As she was short on cash, she had no choice but to take jobs that required a certain set of skills. Luckily for her she overheard a group of hunters talk of a building where you take on jobs and get rewards with no questions asked. From then on she took on any job that came her way, from kidnapping an official, to assassinating a cheating ex. It was all a way to make money after all. With her relatively standing out appearance, and considering she was wanted for destroying a space station, she donned a pure black armour set, while trims and a cyan visor to hide who she really was to all that walked passed. Untrusting of most, she took on solo jobs, until a fateful day in which may give her the chance to take revenge on her family once and for all.

The TLDR If Lazy

Parents Have Kid And Place Them On Space Station To Blow It Up

Bounty Hunter Droids Raise And Train Me

I Blow Up Station

Parents Used Droids To Bring Up Her To Blow Up The Space Ship Out Of “Spite” Of Her Parents

Used Pod To End Up On Planet

See’s Droids In Distance But Isnt Noticed

Follows Droids To A Cantina

Finds Droids Talking About Her And Finds Out It Was All A Plot With Her Parents

Gives Hoshi Revenge Purpose, Goes Into Bounty Hunting To Make Cash And Experience To Eventually Kill Them

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