Was IT Any Good?

So after 27 years of slumber, Pennywise the Clown has returned from his slumber, into the cinema. So the question is, has he aged well, or was the beauty sleep a total disaster? (Just a warning, there will probably be spoilers)

One Of Its Many Posters

So as most of you should already know, IT (2017) is based off the Stephen King novel which is named the same as the film. As mentioned before, just like the clown sleeps for 27 years then feasts upon the children for a year, IT has been 27 years since the original film IT. The story is based on a clown called Pennywise, that haunts, and kills kids in the town of Derry. Along the journey you will meet multiple kids known as the Losers, who are hunted down by this killer clown, up until the point where they try to take down IT to save everyone from the atrocity that calls itself Pennywise.


“The Losers”

Before I get into IT as a whole, I would like to talk about how faithful is adaptation is compared to the book / mini series. All in all, I don’t really have much to say that is bad about IT. IT is mostly on point with how true IT is. If you are to nitpick, some of the differences are as follows: For a start, the book states that the original killings of Georgie, and the battle against Pennwise happened between 1957-58, with the film being set in 1984-85 as them as adults, with the happening being portrayed as flashbacks. However, in this film adaptation, there is no flashbacks, as the film starts off as them as kids, however they are kids during the late 80’s compared to late 50’s. Luckily for all of you who haven’t watched the film or do not know, you will be glad to hear that this is only part 1 of 2, just like the mini series, so they can focus on the adult parts of the book in the next film, and with the film being such a success as IT has been, there is no doubt that the second film will be coming sooner rather than later. The other main difference I would like to mention is the fears of the children. If you did not know, Pennywise loves children’s fear, as once a kid no longer fears him, he is powerless against them. however the old fears were pandering to the 80’s. These have now been changed to Clowns, Disease, The loss of Georgie, Bevs Father, Parents death by fire, and the fear of whats been happening in the town itself, which was all cause by Pennywise every 27 years.

IT likes to play games with you

I would have to say that ITs story was very well done and paced, with IT lasting around 2 hours and 17 minutes, and a second movie to finish off the story, they had plenty of time to pace out the great world that Stephen King had created, and thankfully they outdid themselves. Personally, I don’t really enjoy horrors, as I don’t really find them scary, however the story carried IT exceptionally well, alongside quite a few funny moments, with the well placed jumpscare. There’s also a moment to the end of the film which plays with your mind, IT scared me that IT might have been a twist. Another thing that I must mention about IT is that IT has an amazing soundtrack, I could just listen to the music and know exactly how I am supposed to feel.

ITs like a clown version of Ryuk

All around, IT is an amazing film, that well deserves ITs views and ITs ratings, with a second on ITs way, everyone should be looking forward to what happens in the present to the horror film known as IT. If you haven’t got around to watching IT or just didn’t consider IT, I highly recommend going out to watch IT, even if you aren’t really a fan of the horror genre, I guarantee that IT will at least have you interested, and hopefully give you some funny and scary moments in between.

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As always, Thank You for reading <3