Space Station 13 – Hisa Hoshimo Backstory~

Hisa Hoshimo, an unwanted birth, was born by forbidden love between a syndicate and a wizard that caused a weird birth defect in her. She was born with a tail and inhuman like ears on top of her head. From young age Hisa had to live a life in secrecy. The space wizard federation and the syndicate were not natural enemies, yet to have a child from both sides would be sacrilege. Both of the parents knew this, yet out of pity for their own blood, they gave her an unloving chance.

Months and years went by, with Hisa being given basic necessities to survive. Food, water and shelter, and some old books were thrown her way. With some luck she was given slight tutelage in basic space common. But to Hisa this was her life, her everything. This was luxury, as that is all she ever knew.

This all changed when she became 12. One morning she was woken up early by a sound that she had never heard before, a beaming of sorts. Startled by the noise, she rushed out of bed to the window to investigate what that peculiar noise was. By the time she got to another window, the racket that awakened her from her slumber occurred once more. She rushed up to see a glimmer of what looked like another ship, for it to disappear out of her sight in a nano-second. Hisa was dumbfounded, confused, but most importantly she was curious.

A few nights later and her mother arrived on the shuttle to check in on Hisa along with bring supplies to live off for a few more days. Hisa, seen the ship not too long ago rushes up to her in pure glee, and explains what she saw, however her mother looked less than pleased with what she experienced. She rushed Hisa into her room hurriedly and locked the door behind her. The door was quite soundproofed due to the materials that it was made of, however she was able to make out a few words here and there.

“This I… fault!”

“Why did I…. with you!”

“What do …. her”

“I didn’t want her either!”

Hisa, in absolute shock and horror began to process what she heard. She fell into absolute distraught and disbelief. Was all she thought of her parents a lie? Was she really unwanted? An hour of feeling desparity and depression came upon her until the door finally unbolted. As the doors opened to, Hisa’s mother couldnt get even a word in before she was pushed aside from hisa, as she ran towards the small pods that she was told only to enter in an emergency. She ran onboard as she heard her mother shout for her to stop what she was doing, but it was too late. Hisa already set the pod in motion, there was no going back. She burst into tears realising what she had just brought upon herself, and in her final moments, all she heard from her mother was “i’m sorry, look for a symbol of…”. Before she could finish her sentence the pod flew off into uncharted space. Hisa, completely stunned by her recent events, fell into shock and into a deep sleep.

Twenty four hours had past, and Hisa had woken from her sleep from a loud thud. It was then she realised all that had happened was not a dream, and that all she had experianced was true. Her life was a lie, and she was now all by herself. Just as Hisa was compiling what situation she was in, THUD. The thud that awoken her had once again bashed into hear eardrums. THUD. And again. THUD. Hisa began to shiver and cry, unknowing what was to come of her. Was this it? Was this the end? Did her parents finally get their wish? As she was shivering in absolute fear, the pod door slammed to the ground. With Hisa’s tears blocking her view, all she saw was 2 white figures come close. As they approached they began to speak.

“Hello, is anyone inside?”

“Wait, other there”

The 2 figures locked eyes with me.

“Oh my, she looks young, and all alone too, what should we do?”

“Bring her in to our station, we can deal with this there”

“Hello there, are you okay?” The shadow in white asked her as it moved in closer.

All Hisa could do is cry and scream, as they picked her up and carried her away as she cried herself to sleep once again.

As she fell back into reality once more, she found herself inside of a small, poorly lit chamber. It was bare bones, but considering what she lived in before she felt like she had never left her home, but that was anything but close to the truth. She stared up at the ceiling, still confused of the events that are surrounding her. As she started to get ahold of her surroundings, she began to spot multiple symbols of an N on the walls and on the door. Was this where my mother told me to look for? She stumbled out of bed to get a better look of where she may be, but as her feet touched the floor, the door opened on her, and on the other side was a person in a white suite, glasses, with a clipboard in hand.

“Hello there little one, dont see many like you just roll up on our doorstep every day.” they exclaimed.

“Like.. Me” Hisa replied confusingly.

“You know, the tail and ears. The anatomy is quite peculiar, our sensors haven’t seen anything like it before. We’re your parents the same?”

“P..Parents…. No….” is all Hisa could muster before her eyes started to fill.

“Hmm, peculiar.” they remark

“Anyhow, that is not important right now. Its alright now, you are safe with us. Can you tell us your name?” they ask.

“Hisa… Hisa Hoshimo…” she quietly whimpered.

“Well isn’t that just a wonderful name. Now I have something to ask you, is that okay?”

Hisa nods.

“We are from Nanotrasen, a company that strives for greatness in science and research, but we have been stranded here for about 2 years now with little to no contact from central command. We dont have many hands around this station, but the ones we do are the best of their trade, but any help would be much appreciated during this time. Would you be willing on helping us continue our research and keeping this station afloat while we wait for extraction? In return we will help you find out who you really are.”

Hisa nods.

“Then welcome to the family, Hisa. You’ll be working with top scientists and roboticists from tomorrow onwards, it may be daunting at first, but I bet you will pick it up in no time. Welcome to the family!”

“Family…” Hisa whispers to herself

“Now eat up and get some rest, youre one of us from now on.”

From that day forward, Hisa learnt what It meant to be a part of something that cared for eachother. From creating helpful little bots to helping out ranching slimes and learning what wonders they could do, she learnt it all. Within 3 years she was on her own feet, helping out wherever was short handed and even doing her own research into her anatomy, yet no matter how far she delved, she could not explain her anatomy or who or more importantly what her parents were.

6 Years on from when she landed nearby this station and found her new family, she was finally 18. With all the knowledge she had achieved, and all the research she had accomplished, unfortunately she was nowhere near closer to learning who or what her parents were. She may not have found out who her biological parents were, but in those 6 years she learnt what true family is.

With the combined work of the team on the stranded base, they managed to build an emitter with a signal strong enough to send word of their survival and request assistance. Within days a rescue team was called in to rescue that crew. As the report came in to the head of the rescue division, something was amiss.

“I thought everyone that was sent on this station were normal humans.” they spoke out to the group.

“We are, just some are more dedicated to research than others, and without help from the outside we had but ourselves to use” one exclaimed while giving a sly wink to Hisa.

“Well then, all seems to be in order, good work everyone, and welcome back. We will have you all reassigned in the coming weeks. Im sure Central Command would love to have you on the new 5 year project that they have in store.”

From that day forward, Hisa officially became part of the science team for Nanotrasen, and with the bonds and experience that she had gained throughout the years together, she rose quickly above her peers in her fields.

5 years passed, and the project we were all working hard to complete had finally come to fruition. The creation of their greatest space stations yet, One of the highest technological advancements Nanotrasen has created. A day later, a message came in to Hisa’s PDA from central command. She opened it up to her dismay. She had been chosen to become one of the new research directors on the new space station. She contacted her family from the old station and cried with glee and excitement. She exclaimed that they all must get together before the week ends to celebrate, as the day after would be her first day on a new frontier.

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