Hisa Hoshimo / Chu Backstory

The Story “Known” To All

Hisa was a young prodigy, being born and raised on the outskirts of New Sharlayan, Hisa had everything that Hisa would need to be able to nurture that intelligence into something great. The two things that Hisa picked up the most however was Alchemy and somanoutics. From such a young age, Hisa was able to create concoctions that were able to enhance the body in ways that one could not even fathom, that, with Hisa’s knowledge of somanoutics brought eyes from Sharlayan, guiding Hisa on a path that would one day see Hisa become an archon.

Along Hisa’s travels on a usual trip to gather supplies for the concoctions, Hisa passed by a young musician who was playing on the side of the road, but not where you would expect any normal musician to play, but in a tall patch of grass, filled with a glowing yellow flower. Hisa walked up to the bard that intrigued Hisa so much, for why would one decide to play in such a random location, when there was clean cut grass just beside of the two. Before Hisa could even say a word to the bard, the bard looked up to Hisa, and without even saying a word, Hisa understood that the regular life of Alchemy and somanoutics was about to drastically change.

Over the years, Hisa and the bard, which Hisa came to know as Vicky, grew ever so close, spending most of their time together. Vicky taught Hisa that life did not have to be what was layed out for you, and that change could be a most joyous and exciting experience. Chu also taught Hisa the power of music, and how it could invigorate oneself without the need of controlling the aether around you, or creating concoctions, but simply creating a sound that moved you without the need of anything else.

As times passed, New Sharlayan was under turmoil, due to recent aggressions in other city states, the colony decided to return back to Old Sharlayan, however Hisa and Vicky decided to stay, to bond together at the sanctum of the twelve, and settle down as a happy couple together. Over the years they became a happy couple, forming a comfy band, and selling potions to random adventurers that come across their comfy home, their “little patch of grass.” One of those adventurers that passed their home however was a gleamer from Sharlayan, and recognised the two.

The gleamer was most pleased to see that both of them were in fine health and living happily together. They shared stories of what has been going on in eachothers lives, which then lead the gleamer to ask Hisa if Hisa went on to become an archon. Hisa, acting as if it had never crossed the mind, replied to the gleamer, completely forgetting what Hisa had originally planned to do in life. After more pleasantries and a glass of wine, the gleamer went on their way, and left Hisa with alot of questions.

With lots on Hisa’s mind, Hisa sat down with Vicky, talking about what was only just brought up. After a long comfortable night of consideration between the two, they had both decided to head to Old Sharlayan together. As the two prepared to head to Old Sharlayan, Hisa travelled to the closest docks in preparation to charter a ship to Old Sharlayan. However, unfortunately for Hisa, that journey would not be the one that Hisa would be making.

As Hisa was walking towards the docks, a small carbuncle ran right into Hisa’s anckle, causing both of them to stumble onto each other. That was only the start of the incident however, as the pouch that held a sample of most of Hisa’s concoctions ripped, resulting in an ungodly mixture of vials to crash and spill all over the two of them, resulting in a catastrophic explosion, wiping most if not all of Hisa’s memories, and resulting in Hisa to lose the mastery of somanoutics and aetherology itself to the point of not even being able to cast a single spell.

Afraid and lost, Hisa followed the carbuncle until she reached an old abandoned house in the mist. Still scared of her surroundings, Hisa followed the carbuncles inside where she was surprised to find a whole family of carbuncles laying and sleeping around a bed, and on top of that bed lay a petite blue haired miqo’te, wrapped around in a feathered blanket sleeping soundlessly, hugging a framed diploma as if it was her job.

Hisa slowly walked up to the girl, but before she could do anything, a loud thump came from the bed, as the miqo’te fell from the bed onto the carbuncles, sprouting them all awake as they scattered around. As she falls, she goes “Oh neeeewwwwwww, my diploma….” Hisa looked to the floor where the diploma fell, she noticed the word “studium” on the diploma, but before she could read more, the sleepy miqo’te grabbed it again and hugged it tightly. Hisa giggles lightly, and raises a hand for the miqo’te, but before she even reached out to the miqo’te, she was already asleep again. Hisa giggled once again, before dozing off beside her.

Across a “short” period of time, Hisa and the sleepy miqo’te Kari began a comfy relationship without Hisa ever realising of the past that she had left herself, slowly rebuilding up that abandoned house in the mist to the comfy cafe called The Magical Hideaway. Eventually the two formed an unbreakable bond that was sealed on Hisa’s presumed namesday.

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