Another Hisa Hoshimo Backstory~

Hisa Hoshimo was assigned male at birth, and was raised into a middle class family with one brother inside of the city of Liverpool. Her father was born and raised in the same house that she too had grown up in, like her grandfather, and great grandfather before that. Her mother however was born inside of Asia. She told Hisa that she could not remember what part of Asia she came from due to her parents moving to Liverpool for work, however the true reasoning was much more sinister. Her mother was was captured and sold through a human trafficking ring after being taken from her school when she returned late one night.

From a young age Hisa understood that not just occurrences inside of her household were not normal, but also that there was something wrong with herself. She had noticed that her mother was usually covered in bruises, and was overly obedient towards Hisa’s father, to a point where one would consider her mindless, yet when it came down to talking to Hisa, she was rather kind and caring, and usually taking the blame for any of Hisa’s wrongdoings.

Hisa had noticed that she was nothing like her older brother, with him following after his Father, and gaining most of his praise and attention. Hisa realised that she was not loved as much as his brother, and perhaps even considered useless compared, however she cared little to be like her older brother. She found the way her father and brother acted around people brutish and vulgar compared to how she saw her mother.

During Hisa’s school times, she did not find anywhere to fit in. She had the intelligence, yet her social skills were far from adept. The other boys in her class were always getting muddy, playing and talking about football, whether that being about the latest Liverpool match, or talking trash about Manchester united. Hisa just found the talk and play vile, and made her feel horrible in the thought of playing herself. The girls however had much more fascinating topics that Hisa found most intriguing, whether that was talking about clothing, pets, or how they look. Due to how Hisa looked, she was not confident in making friends and attempting to converse with them, instead she just focused on her studies.

Over the years, that feeling of Hisa feeling wrong continued to grow. She hated herself, and everything that her brother and father made her do from time to time, she hated how she looked, how she feeled, and how she thought. As the years passed on, her mother came to realise that Hisa was becoming more and more miserable, to the point of only leaving her room to either. Her mother attempted multiple times to investigate on how Hisa was feeling, yet she never got a reply from her room or her phone.

After becoming increasingly worried from the lack of communication from Hisa, Hisa’s mother decided to take the initiative and enter into Hisa’s room without her knowing when she had it unlocked. One day, Hisa forgot to lock her door after returning from high school. Hisa’s mother checked her door about twenty minutes after Hisa had returned, and she entered. Hisa’s mother was at first shocked, realising that Hisa was almost unrecognisable, wearing clothes from her mothers wardrobe and using her makeup. Hisa was about to scream but Hisa’s mother grabbed her mouth before she could make a noise. She knew that if Hisa’s father ever found out, she and perhaps even herself would be killed.

Hisa broke down into tears, being completely exposed to her mother as she know understood how Hisa truly felt. Her mother calmed her down, telling her that it is okay to be different, and that she will help her in any way possible. Hisa told her that she was disgusted with herself for a very long time, to the point of suicide, only being saved by a friend online that told her there was another way. That she could become what she wanted with the mindset, medication and surgery that comes with it. Hisa’s mother assured her that she could help her receive the treatment that she could, telling her that she cannot tell her father about this at any time. Hisa agreed, and started to take the treatment in secret.

A couple years had passed, and Hisa was successfully able to pass as someone that she wanted to be with help from her mother and friends online away from the sight of her father. Luckily he never paid attention to her anyway — He was usually off working, or taking her brother on trips abroad. Hisa and Hisa’s mother decided that it would be a great time to take the surgery while they were both away, to ensure no suspicion was brought upon them. 

The day of the surgery had come, and Hisa was preparing herself for a surgery that would change her forever. Hisa’s mother gave her a final kiss before she entered the taxi to the hospital to where she would become who she always was. The surgery took many hours, and required Hisa to spend a week in the hospital to be monitored after the surgery. When she was finally discharged, she returned home as hurriedly as she could to tell her mother.

When she had arrived home from the surgery, she noticed that there were no lights on inside of the house, and the door was flung open. Hisa shouted in, yet there was no response from her mother. She walked into the lounge area in hopes to find her, but instead what she found left her in shock. She found her medication flung all over the room in a complete mess, and in the middle of the room she found her mother on the floor, unmoving. Hisa ran to her side, shouting her name and asking if she is alright, with no response. Hisa’s mother called for an ambulance as she was unsure of what else to do. The person on the phone told her to put her mother into the recovery position and to wait for the emergency response. Hisa carefully grabbed her mother and attempted to place her in the recovery position when she then noticed that she was not just unconscious, but she was shot.

Hisa began to scream as she noticed the gunshot wounds, still relatively fresh. The noise of the scream had attracted her father, who had come home early from his trip with Hisa’s brother due to the weather, to find out what was truly going on with Hisa. As Hisa heard her father shout out her name, Hisa ran out the back garden and into the street, knowing that she was no longer safe living there. She ran as fast as she could towards any vehicle she could find, to escape towards the airport.

Still in complete shock and knowing that Hisa could not live in Liverpool safely anymore, she took the first flight she could away from her past life. In the unstable condition that she was in, she had decided that it would be best to begin anew somewhere that no one would know her, somewhere where she may perhaps fit in, or at least live in peace for a short while.

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