Desert Rose – Hisa Hoshimo (Brotherhood of Steel) Backstory~


Name – Hisa Hoshimo

Age – 23/24

Hisa, A young girl standing at around 6″0 with pale skin with slight Asian features to her eyes and nose. Her hair seems tidily dyed a silvery white that goes messily down to her belly button. Looking closer at her face you notice she is wearing multiple shades of black and blue makeup. Focusing on her curvy body you notice that her chest and hips suggest that it is hard to find clothing that easily fits, alongside making any agile movements quite difficult.

If the body is visible, you come to see that she is in relatively decent shape. Her movements seem sloppy yet determined, with slow and hesitating gestures suggesting she is quite new to her position. Even though her abs suggest she is in decent shape, noticing her running for a short amount of time tells you that she does not have much energy, breathing heavily after a short run. Under her side-swept fringe you notice she has heterochromatic eyes. Gazing into her deep blue and amber red eyes you see that she seems quite confident, yet eager to learn.


Hisa Hoshimo was born into the Sonoran Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel inside the bunker in Yuma. Her parents; Star Knight Bel and Scribe Nagisa that were both originating inside the Midwest Chapter inside of Lost Hills until the Sonoran Chapter was formed. A few years into the creation of the chapter and things had settled down, Bel and Nagisa were encouraged to have a child to continue in ensuring a prosperous brotherhood.

Her childhood was mostly spent inside the chambers, being lectured by her father in his free time, from showing her the codex, to letting her watch him take apart technology to put it back in an even more efficient pace. Hisa, ever enthusiastic, always begged her father to let her take apart whatever he brought in, yet she was always told in due time, “when you are ready” he always muttered to her, as he smiled her way, being proud of her curiosity in technology.

When Nagisa wasn’t lecturing Hisa about the Brotherhood and the many technologies that come through the bunker, he often told her stories about his time inside the Midwest Chapter. He explained how that his time and life there would seem like prison compared to the life that Hisa lives here, yet he still called it a home away from home, even though he considers they are a bit less progressive than he wished them to be. He told her how he misses some of the scribes that decided to stay with in Lost Hills, yet he knew it was for the best knowing that an old Asian riddle he was once taught as a kid would confuse them till they day they hunt him down for an answer.

Hisa’s mother, Bel, unlike her husband Nagisa, was a lot more strict and militaristic. Tracing back to her ancestors that served in WWI against the Germans in the RNAS, her side of the family had yet to skip a generation that had not served in the military. When she was not on duty serving for the Brotherhood, Bels’ regime for Hisa was strict and precise. From a young age Hisa was taught to treat others with respect and that everything she did she did with diligence and discipline. From learning to salute at a perfect 60 degree angle to training her aptitude in fitness, Bel ensured that not a moment was wasted in ensuring that Hisa was trained for peak performance.

No matter how much Hisa tried to push through, she found herself panting at even the shortest of regimes. Almost every moment spent with Bel she was on the verge of tears, almost hating every waking hour of the day knowing she would have to do this, yet whenever Hisa collapsed, looking like she was about to succumb to her pain, Bel would leave the room to return to wrap Hisa in her arms, and placed some make-up she found out on Bel’s patrol missions into Hisa’s pockets and gently whispers “a smile better suits a hero”, while she carefully placed Hisa into her bed.

Whenever Hisa woke from the vigorous training that her mother had put her through, she felt a feeling that no matter how much she blundered and failed in her training, that she was making her mother proud. After she found herself in a more reasonable state, Hisa would run towards the closest mirror and check out her pockets. Ever since Bel came home with items from the waste for Hisa to try, she absolutely adored make up. From eye liner to hair dye, whatever mishmash of items that came her way fascinated her of what else could be found out there and all the possibilities that she could one day try, alongside all the other items that could be found outside of the bunker.

As years passed on, Hisa became more and more fascinated with outside the bunker and what technology could be out there to help further the cause of the Brotherhood. The training she had received while inside the bunker had given her better than average strength, yet somehow her stamina barely increased over the years along with her being far from agile, with her body not helping with that matter. After many years of vigorous training and lecturing, she was finally ready to become an Initiate.

A week before she was to become an Initiate, Hisa’s parents were called to an expedition outside the bunker. A piece of old world technology was all they told her, but they promised to be back before Hisa was to become an Initiate. Before they set foot outside the bunker, Bel handed Hisa a small bottle, a bottle of white hair dye that she had been saving so that Hisa may use it as she becomes initiated.

A week passed and nothing had been heard from her parents. Inside Hisa was worried that her parents would not be there before she reports in as an initiate for the first time, yet she still had hope. With fire in her heart, she prepared and waited close to the entrance of the bunker, in anticipation of her parents arrival. One hour came and passed, which became two, then four. Just as the fire inside of Hisa was about to dim, she heard a rushing coming from the entrance to the bunker. With that sudden noise coming from the entrance, the flame rekindled and impatiently waited for her parents to finally pass through.

As Hisa’s fixated eyes stared at the entrance, she noticed that only one person had ran through the door, and only a knight. As Hisa went to investigate, the knight rushed passed towards their closest superior. With the knight still close by, Hisa clearly understood what was being reported, and what went on outside the bunker. Other than the surviving knight, the other two, my mother and father, we’re MIA after they had got to the technology site, and everything became FUBAR, with the technology destroyed and not a trace of any other life alongside it.

Hisa froze. In an hour she was to report in for the first time, yet the people who brought her up, her family had either passed or had abandoned her. As she clumsily rushed towards her bed almost in tears, all was stuck in her mind was her parents. The what to some would call inhumane training, and having be told that she was never ready to try something herself, yet in what seemed like a moment of clarity, she remembered how even when she was at her lowest, she would be there to comfort her, and Nagisa always proud of her progress and intrigue of technology, and his stories he told from the other bunker, how blood is not the only thing that is the family, but the entire brotherhood. Every brother and sister inside.

As if a spirit was reborn inside of her, Hisa prepared herself with the little time she had left, using the best make-up that she had been gifted over the years. Part of being her family’s hero is to look like one, she muttered to herself, as she finished up her makeup, and walked out to start her path as an Initiate, with a smile on her face.

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