My New Computer~ (And Why I Haven’t Been Active On Anything)

So for about 25 days now, I have had multiple things go on, so I have been unable to stream and blog. So I thought it’d be a good time now to say what was going on, and then to continue where I left off.

Lets start off in order, so on August the 3rd (typically one day after my last post >_> ), I got a new job working at the Cineworld. It is a really fun and enjoyable job, where everyone is really nice and friendly. Every week I work different shifts, so it is quite difficult to plan ahead, but luckily I am told one week in advance, and now that I have done my online and offline training, I have nothing to worry about, and I can just relax in my free time. The pay is alright, and there are plenty of perks that come with the job, including unlimited free movies, and advanced staff screenings of films (gonna pray for no NDA so I can do some fun reviews ^_^ ) to mention a few. All in all, this is the first job that I have had in a long time, so it is quite refreshing to do something new (I already miss being a NEET but I ran out of money T_T )


Second, and most importantly (sorta) is that my PC blew up.. I went to the bathroom while a game was loading up, and i forgot to turn up my fans. When I returned, my GPU and CPU were pretty much melted. For many days was I lost in the world, without a PC to use. Then I bought a new one. The specs of this PC are as follows-

Intel Core I7-7700K Kaby Lake CPU 4.2GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 8GB Graphics Card
Corsair Carbide SPEC-ALPHA Case
Asus PRIME Z270-K Motherboard
16GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
250GB Solid State Drive
Seagate 2TB 7200RPM Hard Disk
Corsair CX750M 80 PLUS Bronze 750W Modular PSU

It is a wonderful and powerful machine, that now allows me to play everything on max graphics again, alongside allowing me to stream everything with ease (its also super quiet and doesn’t annoy anyone anymore with how loud the fans are =P ), so you should see a lot more streams in the coming days. I am currently streaming alot of Destiny 2 as the beta period started just yesterday and ends on the 31st.

All in all, I am very sorry with the lack of content that has came out, and thank you for your patience. There will be a new post about Destiny 2 in the coming days. As always, Thank You for reading <3