My Thoughts On Going To The Cinema Vs Staying At Home

There are 2 people in this world. someone who goes to the cinema, and ones that don’t (and probably pirate). Personally, i am someone who loves the cinema, I don’t go all the time, but it’s a really fun experience when I do pop over to the cinema. But there are some that don’t go to the cinema at all, or just prefer to watch it in the comfort of their homes, whether legal or not.

So first I will talk about the cinema. I have a cinema about 10-15 minutes walk away, so it’s quite easy to get out and spend some time at the cinema if I have the money. It’s a relatively big cinema, with 9 screens, a relatively big foyer, and a deluxe lounge/screening. In my own experience, going to the cinema during a new film release is amazing and a great experience. It is a buzzing atmosphere, with great hi-definition sound, and a great picture. However there are some things that can put some people off. For a start, from summer of 2014, they added a seating system where you have to pick your seats before you go into watch the film, where before you just bought the tickets and sat wherever was available. The food prices can also put people off, however they changed their policy of unable to bring in food to the cinema, to no alcohol or hot food on the premise. People snuk in food anyway, so it wasn’t really a big problem for most.

Then there’s the other option, watching films from home from either buying the disk, playing it on a streaming service, or piracy. Before i begin talking about staying at home, I wish to say that i do not condone piracy and using any service that does not support the developers and producers of creators. Now that’s out of the way, I shall talk about my views on this option. Watching films at home is a cheap, fun way to entertain yourself without leaving the comfort of your own couch. It’s also an easy way to spend some nice time with your family without having to plan or have the trouble of getting around out of the house and without spending a single penny. The main downside to watching a film at home was the quality of sound and picture, however with the latest technology you can almost get the cinema experience without going to the cinema. Another downside which you have with not going to the cinema is the fact that films are not legally available to watch from home.

All in all, both ways to watch films are viable. One is a fun way to spend the day out with friends or family, and the other is a cheap method to enjoy some entertainment, alone or with others. In my opinion, if you and your friends have the money and a cinema available to you, then you should go over anything else, but if you can’t afford it, or getting to a cinema is not exactly an easy thing to do, then staying at home is a viable option for you. If by any chance you must pirate it to have the opportunity to see what you desire, then hopefully when you have money, you will be able to support the official release.


Thank You for reading as always <3