Where I Have Been~

Well, Well, Well. It’s been a while since I have been here now hasn’t it? There are many reasons I could probably think of, but to be honest, it is because I have not thought of anything new that I could add to this place. I have wanted to come back and continue whatever “content” I thought of, but nothing came into mind until recently~

So to start off, where have I been? Well, I never really left anywhere~ I still play games all the time, however I have been leaning towards VR alot recently, playing much of the VRChat and the Miku VR, I still work at a cinema that I love to bits (well the people at least) , and I am still active on the Discord in most places that i usually spend my time. Nothing much has changed in life either, other than the fact that I am actually “semi” social now, going to Werewolf The Apocalypse on Tuesdays, and going to a DnD game on some Thursdays~ It’s really enjoyable and I am glad that I made such great friends at my workplace~ Oh, I also really, really, reallllly dislike the Olde School Runescape at the moment, not just because of the glorious Deadman Mode Tournament finale, but because of a certain event that happened recently >~>

¬†Whats the plan for the coming future you may probably not ask then? I have some things in mind. For starters, I would like to start streaming again, which I plan on doing maybe Thursday of this week (please don’t hold me to it T_T) , and I shall also post more on here, with some things I would like to trial in the coming days (weeks (months(you get the point))) including possibly some lewd posts, however I shall be starting off with 2 of my olde format kinda things, starting with my thoughts on VRChat, and DnD/Werewolf based games~

Hopefully you shall see me write something in the coming days~ Thank You for reading ^_^