My Kitties

So today i was asked by a friend to do a post on my favourite living being inside of the household that i live in, and that is my cats. I have 2 cats in total; Cassius – aged 6 and Lumen aged 1.

I shall start off the the oldest one – Cassius. He is a small, black runt, however, he is my favourite of the two, and i am his favourite of the humans. He is an outdoor cat, but he never really leaves the premises, he is the most joyous ball of fun that i have met, and we spend most of the day (night) with each other, to the point where i barely get anything done.

My second kitty – Lumen. She is a tiny bundle of fluff, that hates everyone T_T She meows at everything and everyone, runs away from pretty much everyone who tries to go near her, and hisses if you pick her up. However, in the night, she is a bundle of love, snuggling up to you, loudly purring next to you, and just asking for fuss. She is a very beautiful kitty, and i am glad that we have her (even though she’s completely evil)

Both of my cats are weird, one hates turkey but loves sweetcorn, and the other one thinks they’re a dog sometimes, but i would never change them for the world

I made a google drive of all of my kitty pictures from 2017 this year, here they are –

Thank You for reading as always <3  (I will do a “proper” post within 2 days ^_^ )